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My cousin is a teacher and this was the PERFECT gift to add to her lunch bag!

Love this so much!

I just switched from liquid plastic to solid and this is my second solid soap. Ive used one from a different brand but it left my dish with a little film on it. This one doesn't leave anything behind, it really works. I love how it looks in my kitchen, will be reordering when done.

Left my hair greasy!

I would've gave it one star, because it left my hair really greasy. But after i washed it off with the shampoo it made my hair really nice and soft. The texture was really odd and you can feel the powder inside the whipped soap. I don't think it should be advertised as a conditioner but instead a leave in conditioner. I also gave them an extra star because they are very friendly and it's owned by a refugee woman and I ordered other items that I'm happy with, so I'm not mad, just suggested the ingredients or the use changes.

Works wonderfully!

If you have sensitive gums I think it may be a bit too harsh, but I really love the eco-friendly swap to bamboo! It tastes a little funky at first if you're used to plastic, but I got over it really quickly. I'm definitely very pleased with my purchase!

The best dish soap bar

I love my dishwashing kit. The hand butter is spectacular and leave your hands silky smooth. It does take a while to get used to the fact there is a not a sink full of soap suds and bubbles but once you overcome that you appreciate how well it works. My dishes are clean, no residue, no grease left over and the best part is no plastic!

So convenient!

I love my set! I got one for my sister and her girlfriend as part of a housewarming gift. We use it religiously.

Love the look!

I took this to the farmers market over the weekend and loved it! I’m planning on buying a couple more.

Smells so good!

I purchased the lemongrass whipped shampoo and I am extremely happy with the product! I was worried about it being too oily and not cleaning my hair well, and I was so wrong to worry! It suds quickly, smells amazing, and cleans my hair so well. Highly recommend giving these whipped shampoos a try if you want to get rid of plastic but don’t want to use a solid bar of soap for shampooing.

Absolutely amazing!

I have long wavy hair and the shampoo and conditioner makes my hair so soft and smell so good! Plus it lathers up A LOT - a little goes a long way. I thought my only option would be bar shampoo or liquid, I’m so happy for the in between! Thank you.

Great bundle

I really like it a lot. My only complaint is that there’s no smell to it. It works and I see it gets the grease off. I like how it suds up with all the charcoal. But I wish it had a smell to it. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars.

It works

The soaps works but it dries out your hands. The soap mats were just extra sponge. Not a fan, prefer liquid.

Hurts your wrist

I have to scrub the soap to get lather. Rather try a refillable liquid option.

Love this bundle!

Was not sure I would love this since I’ve always used liquid dish soap but this stuff is great! It actually works to clean the dishes and when I use it with the brush, my hands don’t get all wet and dried out. The hand butter will help with dried hands. I have tried a few different ways to cut out plastic and this has been the most successful so far.

Great bundle!

So convenient and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals or fake smells which bothers my asthma. The soaps work really well. I use the charcoal soap for cleaning my dishes and the regular soap bar for cleaning everything else. The soaps are huge chucks of blocks and should last a while.

Easily soaks through

The rhassoul and lemongrass whipped shampoo is so amazing in my hair. But the conditioner was to die for! Even the leave in conditioning butter. Everything about this bundle is amazing. It soaks easily and cleans my hair and scalp without stripping my hair of it moisture. If feels like I’m actually feeding my hair real food! Highly recommend.

A Great purchase

I’ve been a frequent purchaser of dish blocks recently. This one is reasonably price, it’s also huge and lasts for a very long time. Smaller blocks wear down faster and you tend to lose more of the soap into water puddles, if that makes sense. The heft and texture of this soap really makes the cost worth it, in my opinion. Not only that, you get really good quality brushes that will last a while.
I have not bought bottled soap in so long I cannot promise that this is a better value than the plastic-using alternative, but from my experience, this bundle is worth it!


I love this set, I use it daily at work instead of the plastic silverware. Comes in a great package, so easy to take it with you and reduce waste. The only thing I did was replaced the bamboo straw with my metal straw instead.

Less plastic, same cleaning power

I got this bundle for the dishwashing kit. I was worried I needed the heavy duty dish liquids in the endless plastic bottles, but this works perfectly on my greasy spaghetti pans and dried bread dough- the biggest challenges. The brushes are made from good material and the hand butter cream is addicting! I would recommend.

I’m sold!

I love this bundle! Bought some for gifts as well. The dishwashing kit works amazing and after 3 weeks I haven’t made a dent in them. I’m sure it’s going to last a long while. The hand cream smells and feel amazing. The brushes are high quality, but would recommend a soap dish instead of the mats. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.

Great product!

It took a bit of getting used to but now that I have I am hooked. Cute grease and dishes feel clean. And I use less water than with conventional liquid dish soap.

Good buy!

Nice quality for pice. They fit right in my purse and very handy.

Staple Products!

I purchase this for the kit and the brushes, but wanted to try the hand soap and hand butter also. I am in love with the entire bundle. The soaps are wonderful, it does a fantastic job cleaning anything and everything. No weird smell or fragrance and lasts forever!

Would recommend

I've tried other companies for zero waste cleaning products and have been very disappointed (got a dish washing soap that was nothing but oil and left my dishes greasy and cloudy), but this soap is amazing. It cleans perfectly and is gentle on the hands. The brushes are very good quality and the hand butter cream is amazing. Definitely recommend it if you're looking for an earth-friendly cleaning product.

Reduce plastic and save space!

I really like the hand butter cream, and the hand soap works very well, a little drying but I guess that’s why the hand butter comes with the package. Would like to see a larger option for the hand cream, I went through half of the jar in 2 weeks. The dish soaps lathers up great, and seems to be lasting way longer than my old plastic bottle dish soap. No yucky residue - washes off dishes easily. Plus it really save space and looks much better in the kitchen than the plastic bottles. Will be using from now on.

Works remarkably well!

It looks like a regular big bar of soap, but when rubbed onto a sponge, it cuts through grease and left over food remarkably well. The hand soap smells amazing and leaves your hand feeling very clean. And the earth friendly packaging is awesome!